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Backlit Mirrors

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Backlit Mirrors

Why You Should Consider Backlit Mirrors

There are several reasons you need to replace your bathroom mirror and any other mirror with any of the backlit mirrors available in the market now. And if you are a home development contractor, you should consider installing backlit mirrors in the bathrooms of the homes that you are building. Here are some important reasons you or anybody should consider backlit mirrors

They offer multiple functions

They are not just mirrors, they are also a source of light. Once you install any of these mirrors, you may not need any other light in your bathroom. Apart from that, they also serve as a form of decoration as they give your home a facelift.

The light they provide is very close to natural light so you can see yourself very clearly. This function is very important to people applying makeups. Sometimes, your makeup will look nice under certain light and when you step outside, it will look not so pleasant. This won’t happen to you with this light.

Guys can also make use of it when they are shaving. They need as much light as possible to avoid cutting themselves while shaving. So, everybody at home will appreciate this mirror when installed.

The mirrors are energy efficient

They are more energy efficient than most kinds of lighting. In fact, they are about 300 percent more efficient than fluorescent tubes and bulbs and they are also about 1000 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They may not lead to a drastic drop in your monthly electricity bill but they will save you a large sum of money over a long time.

They are ecofriendly

These mirrors are completely free from mercury and toxins. They do not also radiate heat. This is why a lot of home builders now demand this kind of mirrors.

They are durable

They are very durable and they are made of very high quality glass. This implies that they can last for years. These products are still pretty new so their low quality replicas are yet to hit the market. This means that all the mirrors that are available are quality.

In fact, they are so durable that you may not have to replace them or their bulbs for years even if you use your backlit mirror for several thousands of hours. So, they will save you a lot of money that you would have used to replace your normal bathroom light.

They are fog resistant

Most times, when you take a steamy shower, your conventional mirror will fog up and prevent you from seeing yourself clearly. You will have to clean it manually before you can use it again. These mirrors have been designed not to fog up. They have certain anti-fog characteristics that prevent them from fogging up.

Variety of design

They have a wide variety of designs so they can be placed in different parts of your home. You only need to select appropriate design for each compartment.

Their quality varies too. The quality of some of the mirrors is higher than the quality of others and so are their prices. You have to consider your budget in making your choice.


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