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Contemporary Painting Art

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Contemporary Painting Art

Our work involves African contemporary painting on different surfaces.

Our painting are entirely hand painted. Paintinting is on of  the oldest man's activities. 

Since the early times, painting has a deep historical  background in many parts of Africa. During the stone age man's period, man made some meaningful drawings on his walls and latter did painting on them. Some of these wall paintings can be traced in most parts of African continent. For those who travel places; These are found in parts like Tassili in Nigeria, Kalahari in south west of Africa and Lukenya hills in Kenya. This proves that; Man during these days did paintings on his cave walls as way of expressing himself to things that were most exciting to him. This could also be a means he used to pass information from generation to generation. There can be seen paintings of man's daily activities like gathering and hunting as these were the main economic activities for the time.

This also portray that during these ages man did painting to fulfil their beliefs when one visit these historical site; There can be found paintings of wild animals such as gazelles, giraffes, bufalloes and many more. They believed that such paintings would grant them powers over the real animals when they are on their hunting mission. They had a belief that painting had secret powers. They believed in this power in controlling natural events. For example they believed if they could do a painting of a gazelle prior to their painting mission; This would work great success in their favor.

These paintings were done on the cave walls. This was done in order to protect them for a long period of time and also to preserve the as a sacred secret only known to these hunters.

Most painting and drawings that were done by these African communities, seem to have been destroyed. These paintings could have been kept in unprotected shelters or made on materials that could decay easily. The only traces that are left for these pieces of art, are found on functional objects that were copied by successive generations.

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Contemporary Painting Art
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Nyeri, Kenya

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