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Windows are the point of attraction in your home. That explains the essence of decorating your windows with different kinds of curtains and blinds. Window decoration is an integral part of home improvement. Always ensure that you dress your windows properly. Your window treatments should be of the right design and color to match the interior of your home. There are several options for window coverings in the market. When it comes to window treatments, we will help you make the right decision.

At Made in the Shade, we are a premier destination for high-quality custom shutters in Uxbridge. We help our clients choose the perfect window shading to complement the décor in their homes. Our products come in a wide selection of impressive colors, textures, fabrics, and patterns. We make window treatments with outstanding features such as bottom-up, top-down, and enhanced child safety options including cordless window coverings.

How Long do Window Treatments Last?

The durability of window treatments depends on several factors. However, window coverings can last for decades if you buy the right ones and properly care for them. The key to having your window treatments last long is proper maintenance. For instance, your velvet curtains will last for a short time if you clean them with a washing machine or dryer.

Every type of window treatment has a special way of being cleaned and maintained. Be sure to consult your provider if the window treatments did not come with specific cleaning instructions.

Are There Treatment Options for Oddly-Sized Windows?

Are your windows too small or too big? Most homeowners find themselves in a situation where they do not know what to choose since all the available window coverings are either too small or too big.

You do not have to choose between two options that do not work for your windows. Source your window treatments from suppliers who can provide custom-made products to fit your windows. Custom-made window coverings are made with your exact specifications; you will not have to change your window rods or any other hardware.

Reasons Window Coverings Become Dirty

Curtains and other types of window treatments can get awfully dirty, and mostly, there is no reason for it. You clean your home frequently, so where do the window coverings get dust from? The following are explanations of how this happens:

  • Open Windows

Whenever you open your windows, the window coverings absorb dirt and moisture coming from outside. Moisture will cause mold to grow on your curtains, while dirt will accumulate on the window treatments making them dusty.

  • Vents and Ceiling Fans

Dirt can also come in through the air vents and ceiling fans, settling on the crevices and cracks of your windows. That’ why closing windows does not stop your curtains from getting dirty.

Get Window Treatment Solutions

We offer our clients a free in-home consultation. At Made in the Shade, you will get impressive shutters in Uxbridge at affordable prices. For all your window coverings and installation needs, call us on 905-242-4381.

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