Top 10 Window treatment Trends

Check out this awesome article over at Good Housekeeping: 10 Top Window Treatment Trends by Alice Garbarini Hurley. She does a great job talking about the latest trends in window fashions, and it’s perfect for Durham homeowners to get a few ideas on their project. For example, Hurley says that Neutrals still rule: Neutrals still rule. “Whites, off-whites and other neutral window coverings almost always work best,” says Lyn Peterson, author, mother of four, HGTV expert, and creative director of Motif Designs in Mount Vernon, New York. And don’t worry about durability. According to Peterson, “We don’t sit or walk on them, so they don’t wear out. My stair carpet is in tatters but my natural linen-colored shades look like new, and they’re both twenty years old.” Neutrals are timeless, too. You might change up your paint, furniture, lighting, and fabrics, but will still want safer neutral tones for the windows, to weather your decorating whims. But safer neutrals doesn’t have to mean boring. Good Housekeeping Roman shades and pleated shades come in a wide variety of fabrics and subtly different color tones. This kind of advice is always great when it comes to making those hard choices of what colors to invest in for your home. After all, you want to live with it for the next ten to twenty years. By sticking to neutrals as Hurley says, you give yourself a beautiful look and peace of mind for years to come — that you made the right decision. For these and other great tips, be sure to check out the full article over at Good Housekeeping and when you’re ready to take her advice for your window fashions, be sure to call us at Made in the Shade!