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Ventilation Under Mattress

Using ventilation under a mattress is a great way to stay healthy and comfortable. HyperDrii waterproof bed pads offer superior hyper venting as well as a powerful anti mould bed layer.

Major Issue Encountered on the Road

Motorhomes, campers, pickup beds, and cars are increasingly popular options for camping and enjoying the outdoors. These options are no longer just for the elderly and die-hard backcountry enthusiasts.

If you are considering heading out on the road, it is important to understand where you are going to sleep. Challenges such as uneven ground, hot and cramped sleeping conditions, and mould and mildew must be countered before you get on the road.

Products to Help you Get a Comfortable Night of Sleep on the Road

There are many products that promise to increase comfort and tackle these issues head on. They have roots in the early days of recreational camping and even the military.

Solid foam pads attempt to create even ground to lay your mattress or sleeping bag. Air mattresses bring some of the comfort of home on the road. The more adventurous and those impervious to the cold may choose to erect a hammock.

Air and Regular Mattresses

Mattresses built for traveling are not new. They are a great solution to improve comfort. Air mattresses make it even easier to bring a slice of home with you.

While a mattress works in most situations, you must account for a buildup of body heat and germs. Your mattress creates a solid layer underneath your body and acts as an insulator, soaking up heat and sweat. You need to hyper dry that layer though to keep things from getting ugly.

Foam Pads

Foam pads are the original solution to tackling issues related to uneven ground and dirty hot bedding. These pads are easy to pack and little changed since they originally came out decades ago.

While they do offer some comfort, there are many issues with using foam pads underneath your mattress. They soak up germs and bacteria as well as heat, creating a smelly breeding ground for microscopic invaders.


In recent years, hammocks have become popular. Today’s hammock is not the same as the rope bedding from the past. Most are made from the same material as a tent and close over the body to keep the elements out.

This option is not always ideal. They must be used outdoors and leave you susceptible to the cold.

Using Ventilation Under a Mattress

To avoid pitching a hammock, you can place ventilation under your mattress. Modern mats products offer matrices that let air sweep through them.

HyperDrii makes mats with comfort and cleanliness in mind. Our mats are layered for functionality. We include an air permeable layer that takes heat and germs away, an anti mould bed layer, and a mattress underlay for comfort.

Camping in Comfort

Overheating on the road is not ideal. You want to wake up capable of seizing the day. The aches and pains associated with a bad night of sleep should never be foremost on your mind.

HyperDrii mats come with comfort, cleanliness, and functionality baked in. Our hypre drying product is easy to clean and robust, capable of withstanding 800 pounds. Reserve your mat today. 

Ventilation Under Mattress
Ventilation Under Mattress
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